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tv   [untitled]    December 25, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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parking their yards wre which were you can't can play and it's black top incriminate instead of green spaces. if we want to encourage kids we have to start with their teachers the straefrnz to have education and training in the ways of incorporating nature environment and know the basic principle of science and environmental education. our department is also very exempted to recruiting teachers they'll be working in the southeast sector their filled with schools and commissioner fierro homes. many of those teachers have had one course in science and that's not enough to answer the questions children bring forth
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about the nature world. i'm glad that i can support in endeavor. i'm looking forward to insuring that our southeast classroom teachers and students can participate. it's hard for them to get on field trips from the southeast sector of the city many are on pun transportation so we could use that on a regular basis and i'm looking forward to a closer connection with our science department. so i support this >> (calling names). >> i'm mr. martin. i'm doing all right. i want you all to know this is how we feel i'm supporting this randolph institute but this is
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how it also go. we also last in everything. we're fighting elders. but the whole point about the situation i'm glad conditional has all this go help and all that good help they can come and help us because they've got smoe so many people doing this and that but now i want them to come up on the hill and a offer us some help. we only right down the street we have a lot of killing and stuff going on up pr there. you need help with the family and i've gotd got to offer the jobs to families would about us. we need jobs up there in order for our family to become
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stronger. they will help those kids out from 18 to 25 and a something like that that gets them off the street. and all this stuff is essential. everybody needs to play an important part, you know, we fighting because we need help not only for our community but for our people who live up there. this is a great big jump a nice start. we've got development going on up there and we've been rending run over but that's the most important thing we can't feel infer to nobody. we have a right to be here and that we get this proposal because we lived up here in the community all our lives, you
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know, >> and thank you very much. i want to mention the speaker cards are dealt with in the order their received there's no stacking of the deck. >> i've lived in hufrnts want but i wanted to ask all the people in so for the of the bay institute how many of you have lived in hunter point that is how many of you have been to hunter point not herself responses head but where i will? >> yeah. . you don't think our community needs this more than you do?
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rhetorical. anyway, i think that apr he does tremendous work and they need this program. i won't say desperately but a big help. we need this program and that space where they can learn and be trained. so it's my hope that you will vote for apr i to get that property thank you > >> (calling names). >> dwayne jones is no longer here? (calling names.) >> thank the audience and commissioners for bearing with us.
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i'm the current department chair at conditional. i'm passionate. you've seen a lot of this with our students so i won't reharsh. i'm up here to say i think this proposal that the bay has pit forward provides sin just of what can happen there. i see the sky as the limit. unfortunately, it's us vs. them here. i want to say this proposal has the capacity to do what everybody wants to do and that's to benefit the community. many of the students you saw here are from there and a lot of people had to leave so the show of hands is not proportional.
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we're currently in the stamdz of former listing our memoranda. the rfp was a short timeline and things at the city college move slowly so we state our intent to move this further long and we have our grants and development office very much in support of what we're trying to do and we'll have full college support eventually. katie was running the program she's very enthusiastic about this opportunity. in addition to that i think there's a lot of opportunity to have dual enrollment capacity where students get to take conditional classes. i think this is awning an
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amazing fuentes opportunity for both institutions to do the educational work and he really do help the community and be excellent sturdz. thank you for your time >> (calling names). >> hi, i'm mary gunman robert son. i'm not a lesson many i'm cherokee by the way, we started the project because the original people of san francisco we as native people need to be sure that we honor the original inhabits of this land. we have trying to bring forth
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the original people to all of the processes that go on in the city. too many times too often their doirpd in the processed. we worked with ledge in our first year of ceremonial cycles to do a program that did prayers and repealed to heal the land. so that people could be able to survive there better all people would be able to survive there better. it's important to be as inclusive as possible in all your decision making to make sure that even the people that have been disappeared from the city are part of our consideration. and we have worked very hard to
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get a relationship where indian people the in defines people know the bay and even though currents and the plants and the land and know what helps to deal with the toxicity and the songs. we've worked that peggy to make arrangements to develop curriculum and programs to deal with bringing the healing songs and the healing areas, the indigenous plant that are originated from so far. i wanted to say that anthony who was next in line asked me to say
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he's concerned about the toxins in the area. so i'm glad i got united states opportunity to bring the origin people who were san francisco's to our awareness >> thank you very much for your concern and considered reasons for deciding those things. thank you >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. eddy for bright line a nonprofit involved in environmental justice decisions. a speaker earlier commented she would quite sure with the a
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randolph institute does and that bothers me. first and foremost in the area of policy and community advocacy on a variety of issues ranging from the citing of the power plants that used to exit to solar advocacy with the sf puc to make sure we have local hires from the communicated making sure their employment stunt that - and knowing that there are dope experience in the workforce they're a city partner and have relationships throughout the trades to allow people to go into the preprintership opportunity. and also making sure we take note of their partnership as well as with the department of
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the economic. to make sure there's a community outreach. so to work in bayview hunter point and not to know a randolph i want to make sure their recognized for their work. all this advocacy their provided to the community and they old in their progs presentation provided the residents information. so people strongly believe in a randolph institute and i can't give you more of an endorsement and they're standing in the community. it's important that's recognized here today >> (calling names) that's the last name if you wish to speak mutt in a card.
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>> i'm here with apr i and i feel like apr i should be like more at that station because i don't know liquor i actually live in west point and i see like they're the only people that are motivated, you know, come get us make sure that, you know, we worked at that acidity. i don't know i'm not trying to knock what they're doing at the city college they're more of the heart they come up and talk to us. i'm part of the community and it feels like they're working with us. i can understand the college or other organizations sorry - but i understand that both sections
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are trying to do better for the land or the community if there's like the first step to communities is to do the outreach to the community and know the community and a actively a part of the community that's how i feel. thank you >> is there anybody else who wants to make a public comment. we want to thank you for all the input and now any commissioners questions or comments. >> first i want to make some comments i want to ask carol and substantive question could you address the toxic condition has the land obey rewhat studies were done and sort of the current status. >> i'm happy to do.
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we went through this action when we constructed herself ones park in the late 90s but with the expectation of commissioner brian denouncing done this is new to many commissioners. so herself responses head park like most of the san francisco shoreline was made up, up file. most of the fill is rock and gravel and some construction and debris like asphalt and concrete and bricks, metal it is fill. and when - and also it included other materials liken green waste and a municipal refuse.
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it decompose in forms through the nature decomposition process. before we constructed herself responses park in co-op with the instructions of the city. we did an economical investigation and determined it self-pose a hazards to construction workers or park visitor. it was approved by the public health. after we constructed herself responses head park in 2004 we do the more comprehensive will vegetates to see the post construction conditions. that he collected additional ground stubs and we did a study that dr. jackson was talking
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about we looked at the chemdz that exemplified in the soil and whether those would have a risk to park workers or visitor or students interest the result was they didn't pose a health problem and gurney e.r. ginger the conditions were below the standards of danger and looking at the explore further that reinforced that conclusion that the contaminate at the sight don't posed a hazard. the fact that the studies look at how many hours one might be exploded i want to pout point out that the assumptions we used in our scenarios was default
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sumgdz recommend by the government and their intended to be conjecture. for example, looking at how a park visit would be exposed they assumed it from a child from zero to 6 and that same individual motive be quoted for angle 7 for 25 years were other looking at the 24 years with regular x power to the park it wasn't dangerous. visitors might pull weeds or dig on the plant and the health risk assessment looked at the hazards that might exist for park
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workers who worked there 25 years chrs long-range most people and found it didn't pose a health hazard at that exposure level. finally, there were had documents on the intersected i encourage you to look at the information on the park page and go to those documents directly. >> then in terms of boarder comments. i can't begin to thank all the people who have taken their time to show up today. as somebody that's been involved in anonymous viral just the movement but the environmental movement in general and focusing on education about those issues that's had the opportunity to
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see people show you. and especially to the fabric of this neighborhood in particular. i want to thank everyone that came out and spoke passionately about this program and issue. just before i just spoke about synergy i was making notes to myself as well and wanted to point out comments by peggy and a jamming they talked about individually but this is not mutually inclusive there's opportunity this is an issue and the training opportunity are so great you can't get enough of it and even opportunity to reach out. i'll take our words opening on collaboration and opportunity. whether transpires this give us a chance to work more with the
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community and whether they be members of our community or students. i i know i've brought several people down to herself responses head and visits as well out of sta state. it's just good critical to not do that and having been involved we go back to the hunter point shipyard citizens advisors committee i was put on that pause of the material medicine sheriff's station. it's important what's happened accidently and not at the park but more broadly elsewhere.
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the education opportunity here and to learn about restoration and the various bird life and the native plant is extraordinary i'm 45e8gd that so many people have come out. i appreciate all the comments and again, i guess i'll put in a plug to the conditional for the accreditation committee take into account this hearing. this is the alaska call. somebody missed the last call after this there's no more public comment >> thank you. thank you very much for that.
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thank you very much commissioners. my name is kirk i'm the program manager at the san francisco program. i am a resident. i've been working with the a randolph institute for 4 years. i've never seen such an outpouring of cameras in one spot but acting dam aside ax randolph we're is the ones in the community. we knock on each door i can't say we i do. and some of the pictures you saw i was the one walking with the children. i took the children to the heroin responses head for a tour and to play with the goats that are next door i forget the name
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of the guy who was speaking but i took them to see the plants that is across the street from the herself responses head park. we want to use the eco center for this community. when i say this community i don't mean the community here but the community on the hill. he lives at west point and for him to come here and speak he didn't know who the other people are somebody's trying to tell you all something. really really. so i'm a cal graduate i have a minor in city planning this is what i do for a living and for us to have acting dam here statement after statement and rue you have people here in the
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community that are sort of what's going on. my question is consider that. consider someone who's doing the knocking at those doors. someone saying hey guys let's go out and let me see if i can help you with our resume and a job. people don't have this. the barriers for acting dam is here they try to help them access the education and job. we didn't hear that here today. thank you very much for let me speak all commissioners. other commissioner comments >> grateful i want to thank everybody for coming out there are there are a lot of smart people many the room want to do
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great things but until it gets back to the community i think you would make a great team get the community and conditional involved. i'm not sure that's possible. i know i've been out at apr i will a month ago and i spent 3 hours out there. sat in their classroom for 3 hours and i know what to do. i know that jackie she walked what she talks. so that's my $0.02 worth >> i too would like to thank everyone for taking the time this evening in and out it's evening i appreciate the fact this means that much to you, you sat here and voiced our pcp's.
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i know this is a great opportunity for accident port and thank you for addressing your concerns espanol and alleged her concerns. to me it sound like you guys needs each other i have the relationship with the environmental community and apr i also has relationships with the viral community. they have the expertise and the contact with the community. it would be so great if you could collaborate. i want to thank conditional since its inception of bringing our students i hope that continues no matter what happens with the city college and the unified school district but i
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really think that you two can come together and really put on great programming at the herself responses head park. but because you both have great strengthen i want to thank you both for your presentations. i look forward to the details of the programming how it's going to be done >> following up on vice president brandon and the other commissioners comments. this is what's best for the community the community comes first. and both group has their strelz and weaknesses. you've heard me talk about nelson mandela that's the vision of people
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trying to sit down and work things out that can help everyone. you might be the one in the community knocking on demeanors but there's more resources and a teachers and other thoip why don't you figure out what worked and really, really think about that. because it's for the commissioners this is a tough decision we've got an issue we've got two qualified organizations that's really, really go it's not to get personal but what's best >> let me tell you what i'm doing. the ecosystem i've not been there but in two weeks i'm going to national geographic i want to be an ambassador for places like that throughout the world


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